Securing results-driven executive managers with specific skills, experience and demonstrable performance required by a business for a fixed, or foreseeable, period of time and who are required to deliver on an agreed upon mandate, without the complications of becoming a permanent employee, and who do not need to learn on the job and who are able to “hit the ground running”.

Kubiz is there to service an immediate need, task or function for a specific time period. By nature, they have extensive experience in the role they will be fulfilling and the true Interim Executive will work themselves out of a job”

Our Interim Executives Solutions is not………….
– Classic contract work or pure ‘temping’
– Simply body-shopping an individual for a position
– Junior or inexperienced resources branded as Interim Executives
– Labour broking

Our approach is consultative, knowledgeable and collaborative, which we achieve through empathy and understanding of our clients and their businesses.
Our goal is to match the best, most experienced interim manager we habe in our team with your immediate needs quickly and effectively.

We are committed to excellence in customer service and our consultants are passionate and capable.

Kubiz is focused around six key sectors – Financial Services, Retail and Consumer, Industry, Business and Support Services, Technology and Telecommunications. In these sectors we have placed our interim executives into major change and transition programmes. Supported small, rapidly growing companies and have developed an excellent track record working with banks and the private equity community.

Our interim managers are used to work at CxO level but seamlessly blend in into your operational and /or ICT program or project roles.

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