Entrepreneurs often need a small amount of push to get their idea from vision to strategy and from idea to tangible milestones. At Kubiz, we believe in helping entrepreneurs who have a big vision develop (some of their) strategies, innovative processes and core technology and get to a state where they can generate a larger ROI.


A brilliant strategy may put you on the competitive map. But only solid execution keeps you there. Unfortunately, most companies struggle with implementation. That's because they overrely on structural changes, such as reorganization and/or large ICT projects to execute their strategy.


Integrating technology into your business is a key enabler to gaining a competitive advantage. With business and IT functions sometimes speaking different languages or working toward different goals, successful integration can be an expensive and challenging endeavor. Kubiz bridges the gap between business and technology—aligning the two to ensure ICT facilitates the successful implementation of your business strategy.


Our clients are our most important asset. The core element of all ventures and activities we undertake, for which all results are delivered, anytime, anyday, anywhere !!!. We are proud on our solid relationship with our clients and clients are pleased with us. Click on the link below to see some of our most respected clients.

Welcome at Kubiz

Kubiz Holding is a management consultancy in the Netherlands that takes pride in delivering long term success for its clients. Since its formation in 1996, the firm has helped some of the leading businesses in The Netherlands to develop their strategies, mobilise resources and deliver major programmes of change. Working alongside their clients, Kubiz consultants help management to address their most complex challenges.

Kubiz's Rotterdam-based consultants are among the very best, experienced consultants who combine strong strategy and delivery skills with positive and engaging personalities. They provide the support the client needs, whether programm and project management consultancy on the ground for an extended period, help through a critical phase of work, interim management on CxO level or simply advice. We ar there to help you, anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

So what is it that sets Kubiz apart from other Dutch management consultants? Kubiz has built a strong reputation – not only for meeting demanding delivery challenges and getting good results, but for being enjoyable to work with. Our clients seem to like this no nonsense approach and Rotterdam Hands-On mentality hence Kubiz's many long running client relationships.